Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meeting the challenge

We all have challenges. Some more than others but we all have some challenges in life. I found this neat video I think you will like to help motivate your challenges and help organize your thoughts on how to do better, cope better, and systematically improve your life and your family. Remember you too can be a VIP Client and become a better person!!! Cheers Hope you enjoy this video. Let me know if you like it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be kind : It Does Pay Off

Listen to my good friend talk about kindness. Be kind to people and you will find out it does pay off. It is that simple. Have a great day. Remember too "You can be a VIP Client" Good Job Danny!!!! Cheers

Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep The Faith You too can Make it !

Here is a great video of a young network marketer I think proves all of us can get there with a

little faith and hard work. Hope you guys like it .Remember you too can be a VIP Client. Cheers

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Branding Your Name or Business in order to get yourself out in the public you need to brand yourself and your business. We Canadians tend to be shy and bashful and hence not as good at branding ourselves as our American friends. Where do we start. For those that do not embrace the internet they fall behind the millions that have jump on full speed. You don"t have to be an IT brain to get going. You can create your own website on google. You can create your own blog on google. You can sign up on facebook, twitter, and google reader . And you can sign up on youtube all free. Whatever business you can use these social media outlets to help brand yourself and your business name. It is that simple. Remember you too can be a VIP Client. Have a great day. Cheers PS My money is on Tiger today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Power of Network Marketing

If you ever doubted the power of network marketing perhaps you ought to view this video by President Clinton on the value to our economy. If your interested in starting up your own home based business I strongly suggest you visit as well Remember you too can be a vip client! Cheers

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Passion wins every time

As a avid reader of marketing books and magazines my experience has always told me people that have no passion have no or little success in their lifes. Passion separates the strong from the weak, the creative from the status quo, the failure from success. It is that simple. You do not have to look very far. Look at your graduating class in High School ? The most successful are those with passion, drive and motivation to do better. Passionate people love life, love people, and love to learn new things and new ideas. They love to improve themselves and also help people improve their own lives. Passionate people are never content and never say die. They are the best lovers and best role models for their families. They love seeing their friends succeed and do all they can to make it happen. Just my opinion! Personally I would take someone with passion over straight A's in school. It 's that simple. Have a great day. Cheers TTYS

Business Opportunity Freelife

If you need to make a some extra income each month take a look at our The power of residual income can change your life and help your family get to the next level. Our team of Advisers will help you. Have a great day. If you would like to get more information email me at Cheers

Monday, September 21, 2009

FreeLife live it!

Some people have asked me why Freelife. Good Question. FreeLife not only is one of the rising stars in the health care field , and offers tremendous natural products to it's customers that actually have been scientifically proven, and also is one of the fastest growing Fortune 500 companies. It is also registered with both Direct Sellers Association and the Better Business Bureau. The tai slim product is one of the many products that can significantly help people with their weight managment programs. The beauty of this product is that "tai slim" does four things: 1) fights abdominal fat, 2) enhances metabolism, 3) helps control your appetite , and 4) cleanses and replenishes.

Plus if you sign on with us see you can get the power of residual income and make some money from home. How cool is that. For a brochure on the tai slim ultimate weight management plan email at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Business Opportunity Home Based

One of the things important to us all is having more than one option and finding ways to help supplement our incomes. That is why several of our friends have looked at the power of residual income from multi layer home based businesses. The hardest hit segment of our society with the stock market crash is beleive it or not seniors over 50 years of age. Many have seen their retirement investment portofolios and incomes significantly reduced or lost within the past year.

Being able to supplement your incomes by anywheres from $2 - 25 thousand per month has helped many of our friends recover from their financial ruins and give them some security and comfort knowing they will survive into their aging years.

That is one of the biggest reasons we chose to get involved with a very reputable health care company called Freelife. One of their biggest product lines called tai slim not only helps us lose weight but also allows us to become a marketing executive and make supplementary incomes from product sales to friends and consumers.take a look at our website and if this is something of interest please feel free to email us for more information. Remember you can be a VIP Client too

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspiration and Motivation

I recently came across this video sent to me from a good friend which not only inspired me but was simply outsnading. take a few minuted and watch it. Let me know what you think. Cheers

Marketing Tip : Why Blog

The power of the blog is one of the most powerful communication skills available on the internet but under used by alot of marketing people. Not only can you post written blogs or communication on your blog, you can alos upload picture and video. More importantly, blogs including your video spots can be shared easy via facebook, myspace, twitter, and also on google reader just by a click of the finger. So the blog can connect you to alot of friends and people quickly and efficiently. We encourage all our clients and friends to take advantage of the "Blog" on google to help them market themselves and their products. Make sure you all visit our marketing website for new and exciting business opportunities. Coming Soon
Remember you too can be a VIP Client! Cheers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vip Client Advantage Plus

Hi Everyone. this is my new blog just created free under google. How cool is that! All serious marketers have their own blog. It is simple and easy to use. Check it out and let me know what your blog is. I will soon be launching our new version for which will include a ton of new material and business and other opportunities for our clients and friends. We even have a consolidation on Estate Planning and Seniors web information critical for anyone over 50 years of age. We beleive you have to offer to your clients today ,more than the basic service. they want and deserve value added services. I will keep you posted.
Remember you can be a VIP Client too! Cheers